Arrive at your PROM in a super, luxurious car!

February 6, 2016

PROM 2016 is approaching. Some are planning this special day since September. Looking for a perfect dress, hairstyle and make up are not the only things that will make you special! Thing about arriving at your PROM like a Queen: Rent a luxurious car with a chauffeur for a couple hours. We provide a choice of awesome cars that will exceed your expectations, and will fit your budget. With Chicago Car Rent your very special prom day will become more luxurious and precious! Call us today to discuss rental of one of our vehicles.



We offer a prom package that includes: 3 hours of vehicle rental with a driver, plus RED CARPET, plus a complimentary bottle of Sparkling Wine. Price for this package will vary depending on the vehicle selected, and will be a total of three hours of rental with the driver.


Rent a Vehicle for your PROM

(picture – – Exclusive and Beautiful PROM dresses!)



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